A Family Press

Originally The Reifinery, Too Bright Girls Publications reformed as a family press to publish books by members of the Stephens family. But this is no vanity press. Publisher Phillip T. Stephens attended the Michigan State University Creative Writing graduate program and has worked as editor and designer for thirty years with print and online journals as well as publishing houses such as Texas Monthly and Plain View Press. He also taught publishing and visual design at Austin Community College before retiring to write fiction.

Stephens will not publish any book that hasn't been vetted by his strict professional standards. He sends his own manuscripts for review by published authors and he takes their input seriously.

The change to Two Bright Girls publicatios was inspired by the desire to create a college fund for his granddaughters Elonway and Cora*. Fifty percent of his royalties, and the royalties on novels by their father Bryan will go directly to their college fund.

In the future, Too Bright Girls may also be publishing books of photography and children's books by other members of the family.

*The image of the two girls on this site is a stock image. Elonway'a and Cora's photos do not appear to protect their safety online.